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To Plan or Not to Plan -
Your Legacy Survey

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Marial Status
Employment Status
Do you think having a Will is an important component of your Financial Plan?
If I die without a Will, I know how my assets will be distributed by our government's Intestate Succession Act (Chapter 146)
Do you think havng a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is important to you?
Do you thnk setting up a Trust is important for families with young children/ vulnerable indivduals?
Do you think planning your funeral in advance is important to you?
Is funeral important to you and your family
Is talking about funerals a taboo for you?
The only certainty in life is that death will eventually come. Would you recommend your close ones to plan for such an eventuality?
If you could subscribe to a plan that can help defray the cost of future funeral expenses, would you do it?
If there is such a plan, what would be the amount you are willing to pay for this subscription?
What kind of value added services would you like to see in your subscription? (Check all that apply)
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